Utilitas Team Complete MoonWalk London 2018

16 May 2018

On Saturday night, three of the ladies from the Utilitas team donned their pink cowboy hats and headed off from Clapham Common on the 21st annual MoonWalk, to raise money for breast cancer awareness. ... more info >

ESOS Phase 2: what do you need to know?

04 May 2018

As ESOS Phase 2 is officially being initiated, it’s important to understand what ESOS is and how it helps the environment. As this scheme is mandatory for all organisations outside the public sector in the UK that meet the qualification criteria, it’s cru... more info >

6 Tips For Surviving a Corporate Event

02 May 2018

We have been lucky enough to attend a fair few events in our time. It's a great way to meet new people and businesses, and find out about exciting developments in your industry. We’re sure many of you are seasoned veterans and could teach us a thing ... more info >

Utilitas at the ISBA 2018

25 Apr 2018

This year, on the 9th and 10th of May, The Brighton Centre will play host to the ISBA Annual Conference. The event is a chance for delegates to research new opportunities and suppliers, and find ways to take their school’s offering to the next level.... more info >

New energy legislation DCP 161 – excess capacity charges

21 Feb 2018

From 1st April 2018, Ofgem are introducing new legislation to ensure that half hourly (HH) supplies that exceed their assigned available capacity pay a penalty.... more info >

Are you ready for the Water Deregulation Changes?

23 Mar 2017

If not, you are not alone. From our research, we have identified that the majority of businesses feel unprepared for these imminent changes. There has been very little in the way of education and information from the industry.... more info >

Energy Snap Shot - colder weather and a drop in the value of Sterling can't stop the slide

18 Mar 2017

A mixed week with Sterlings fall on Brexit talks, colder weather for March and improving renewable generation... more info >

Energy snap shot - Rough storage issues and warmer weather

09 Feb 2017

Rough Storage has continued isuues to the wells currently looking like it will hinder teh injection of gas during the summer... more info >

Energy snap shot, cold front pushes prices

04 Feb 2017

Colder weather for the UK and France pushes prices high this week... more info >

Energy Update - Trump's Silver Lining

30 Jan 2017

Well you may have been forgiven for thinking it’s all bad news since Trump came to power but the Silver lining, little as it is, is that energy prices for the UK have dropped on account of the weakening Dollar.... more info >

January 2017

19 Jan 2017

A further decline in the pound’s strength saw gas prices increase, the latest weather models showing cooler temperatures, OPEC & non-OPEC producers agreement to cut production begins... more info >

November 2016 through December 2016

18 Jan 2017

November began with negative news that a major gas storage facility (Rough Storage) was going to see a delay in returning to action (not until Mid/End) -November which caused a spike in pricing... more info >

September 2016 through October 2016

18 Jan 2017

Prices began to move upwards at the tail end of September with October showing the worst period of movement, the pound lost further value against the Euro after Theresa May announced that she would trigger article 50 by the end of March 17... more info >

Metering changes signal a move towards more accurate billing

27 May 2016

Changes to your MPAN are coming, and they are likely to improve the accuracy of your bills. But what exactly will change?... more info >

How to avoid paying a fine if you haven't complied with ESOS yet

26 Feb 2016

Have you complied with ESOS yet? You can still avoid paying any fines by booking an audit today... more info >

The oil market has just become less predictable. This is what it means for your business

15 Feb 2016

Global oil prices rocketed last week. Here's how to make the most of it.... more info >

Why aviation and shipping were left out at COP21

18 Jan 2016

International aviation and shipping contribute an awful lot to global greenhouse gas emission totals, but leaders have neglected to address them in the Paris Agreement! Here's why...... more info >

Last call for ESOS compliance

18 Jan 2016

There are still 3000 businesses who have yet to even submit their Intent to Comply – if this is you, or someone you know, we can help!... more info >

Renewables attract record investment

18 Jan 2016

UK sees 24% increase in renewables investment, making the UK market the strongest in the world for growth...... more info >

UK firm makes huge North Sea oil acquisition, suspends share trading

18 Jan 2016

UK-based Premier Oil have struck a deal with German utility giant E.ON, acquiring all of their North Sea assets...... more info >

Large businesses jump the gun on water deregulation

13 Jan 2016

The English water market is due to be deregulated in 2017, but large water users can change supplier early...... more info >

Green policies and their cost impact on businesses

16 Dec 2015

The Renewables Obligation (RO) and small-scale feed-in tariff (FiT) policies support the deployment of renewables projects in the UK. However, their costs are expected to increase over the coming years. ... more info >

Government reveals energy policy reset

16 Dec 2015

Energy and climate change secretary Amber Rudd has revealed a series of planned reforms to guarantee energy supplies, cut costs and successfully decarbonise the energy sector. ... more info >

Chancellor aims to cut energy costs for small businesses

16 Dec 2015

The government consulted on reforms to its small-scale feed-in tariff and Renewables Obligation schemes earlier this year, saying the existing pace of deployment under them risked pushing up consumers’ energy bills.... more info >

ESOS - What it means for your business

16 Dec 2015

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that have over 250 staff or an annual turnover of over €50m/year. ... more info >

How SMEs can take advantage of the post-ESOS deadline landscape

16 Dec 2015

The Environment Agency's Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) obliges large undertakings with over 250 employees to revise their energy use and come up with more efficient, cost-effective plans for the future... more info >

Wholesale Price Snapshot December

16 Dec 2015

The Annual April 16 gas contract fell 9.0% over November to average 36.9p/th, as lower oil prices and a strong supply outlook weighed on the contract.... more info >

ESOS deadline sees surge in compliance

16 Dec 2015

An estimated 4,000 businesses––out of a total of 10,000 affected––were compliant with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) by the deadline of Saturday 5 December, according to statistics released by the Environment Agency (EA). ... more info >

ESOS and your business - how to comply

14 Dec 2015

It is still not too late to comply with ESOS. Utilitas is here to help!... more info >

BES fined £980,000 for multiple customer service failures following Ofgem investigation

27 Nov 2015

Micro-business energy supplier BES has been investigated and subsequently fined by Ofgem for breaches of customer service conditions and requirements over the five-year period from 8th June 2010 to 12th July 2015.... more info >

Wholesale price snapshot October

24 Oct 2015

Seasonal gas and power contracts declined over September and October, with power contracts averaging falls of 2.1%. By 22 October the front season summer 16 contract was at £39.0/MWh, a record low.... more info >

Energy market investigation extended

23 Oct 2015

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced on 21 September that it was extending the timetable for its energy market investigation by up to six months.... more info >

Government proposes business energy tax reform

23 Oct 2015

The government has set out its intention to create a single energy efficiency tax for businesses, simplifying the existing framework. A consultation, published on 28 September, proposed scrapping the existing Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Climate... more info >

Business energy efficiency taxes

23 Oct 2015

The CCL is a tax on energy delivered to non-domestic users in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to provide an incentive to increase energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions. ... more info >

Thousands of organisations risk ESOS penalties

23 Oct 2015

The Environment Agency has warned that thousands of UK businesses are failing to take advantage of a new energy savings scheme and may face penalties as a result. ... more info >

News this week about ESOS deadline

09 Oct 2015

Although The EA cannot move the deadline date set by the EU, it has said they won't beapplying any penalties as long as teh EA are kept informed and they receive first notification of a late submission by Dec 5th... more info >

P272 - Eon announce they will not be renewing any contracts after November 5th

16 Sep 2015

Eon have informed us that they will not be renewing any contracts for maximum demand (MD) meters, profile classes 05-08 that are due for renewal after Nov 5th 2015.... more info >

Infinis and Drax take UK government to court over the recent move to remove CCL exemption

07 Sep 2015

Infinis Energy and Drax didn't much like the lack of notice period the government gave everybody earlier this year when they pulled the plug on CCL... more info >

Wholesale price snapshot

17 Aug 2015

Annual power and gas prices fell across June and July, in some cases reaching record lows. In the gas market, fears over winter gas storage levels were offset by decreasing oil prices, a stronger pound against the euro... more info >

Business energy taxes to be reformed

17 Aug 2015

The government has confirmed that it will review the business energy tax landscape, with a view to improving the effectiveness of the regime.... more info >

National Grid confirms winter electricity supplies secure

17 Aug 2015

National Grid has said that its new balancing services will help to ensure that electricity demand this winter remains “manageable”. The system operator published its Winter Review and Consultation Report on 15 July. ... more info >

CMA finds room for improvement in business energy markets

17 Aug 2015

The Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) investigation into the energy markets has found that a “substantial number” of small businesses are failing to see the benefits of competition.... more info >

Wholesale price snapshot June

16 Jun 2015

Strong supplies see gas and power dip The past two months have seen increases in oil and carbon prices. However, GB power and gas prices have fallen over the same period, with strong supply levels and forecasts of low summer demand being the main drivers ... more info >

Settlement process to change for non-domestic energy users

16 Jun 2015

The energy regulator Ofgem has confirmed its decision to implement a code modification that is expected to have a significant impact on medium energy users—those businesses normally spending between £5,000-£10,000/ year on energy.... more info >

What is ESOS

16 Jun 2015

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that employ over 250 staff or that have an annual turnover of more than €50mn.... more info >

New government prioritises energy security

16 Jun 2015

The Conservative government has said that ensuring the security of the UK’s energy supplies is among its top priorities for the years ahead.... more info >

ESOS uptake slow

16 Jun 2015

Concerns have been raised that UK businesses are insufficiently prepared for one of the government’s key energy efficiency programmes: the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).... more info >

Make real savings on your business energy bills this spring

19 May 2015

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aren't making the most of potential energy savings. That's according to recent research conducted by energy company E.ON... more info >

Office and Yard to Let

29 Apr 2015

Kennington - Ashford Fully Fenced with Large Access Gates at Front Extends to Approx 0.25 Acres Ideally Located for Access to M20,Canterbury & Faversham Flexible Terms Available £200-900 per month To Let in whole or part For More Details Contact us... more info >

Higher Temperatures lead to lower gas prices

29 Apr 2015

Gas prices fell yesterday, despite the current undersupply situation. This is down to increase temperature forecasts. Day ahead price were unchanged but all other contracts fell with gas and coal, Brent crude slipped too.... more info >

Relocated solar projects to retain government subsidies

16 Apr 2015

New government plans mean that, from summer 2019, medium and large solar PV installations will be able to be move to different locations without losing the support from the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme.... more info >

March sees return to falls in commodities

16 Apr 2015

Changes in the price of oil, combined with falling global demand levels, impacted coal prices, which dropped 4.9% over March and hit a five-year low of $56.9/t. In February, UK spot prices were bullish as outages in Norway increased supply concerns.... more info >

Next day switching planned for 2018

16 Apr 2015

The energy regulator Ofgem is to implement one-day switching by 2018 is to be implemented in both the household and business energy markets. Ofgem confirmed the move on 11 February... more info >

What is the Feed-in Tariff?

16 Apr 2015

If you install an electricity-generating technology from a renewable or low-carbon source, the UK Government's Feed-in Tariffs scheme (FiTs) mean that you can be paid for the electricity you generate... more info >

Landlords must hit new energy efficiency standards

16 Apr 2015

New legislation aimed at improving energy efficiency in the rented sector has been introduced by the government.... more info >

Wholesale price snapshot February

10 Feb 2015

Oil prices continued falling over the last two months to below $50/bl.... more info >

Low-carbon policies to push up business energy bills

10 Feb 2015

Supporting low-carbon electricity and the transition to renewables could increase business energy bills by 45% between 2013-30, research by the Committee on Climate Change has found.... more info >

Government auction secures future electricity supply

10 Feb 2015

The UK’s first electricity capacity market auction is to guarantee just under 50GW of back-up generating capacity in 2018-19, at a cost of £0.96bn in 2014 prices, the government has confirmed.... more info >

Energy regulator refines contract renewal process

10 Feb 2015

The energy regulator Ofgem is to both standardise the micro-business contract renewal process ... more info >

Wholesale price snapshot

15 Dec 2014

Over the last two months we have seen oil prices fall to their lowest levels in four years. These reductions have had a knock on effect on UK gas and power prices.... more info >

Rising energy costs in the pipeline

15 Dec 2014

Energy policies are adding less than 1% to businesses’ overall operating costs, the government has claimed.... more info >

Electricity margins “tighter” this winter

15 Dec 2014

The electricity system operator has warned that spare electricity capacity on the system this winter will be at a seven-year low, but it said contingency plans were in place to manage the peak supply/demand balance.... more info >

Government seeks views on shifting solar panels

15 Dec 2014

Businesses and factories could be able to take their solar panels with them when they relocate premises, under plans unveiled by the government.... more info >

New UK Waste Regulations – January 1st 2015

24 Nov 2014

From January 1st 2015, new UK waste regulations will require businesses to separate recyclable material (paper, plastic, metal and glass) from other waste... more info >

$1Billion investment pledge by INEOS for UK Shale

21 Nov 2014

This would make them the biggest player within the UK shale industry... more info >

Energy policy becomes election battleground

28 Oct 2014

The UK’s three major political parties have used their autumn conferences to set out their visions for the future of the energy sector.... more info >

Wholesale price snapshot

28 Oct 2014

Day-ahead gas surged higher in September, gaining 20.1% to reach a five-month high of 50.5p/th over the month. Prices were supported by operational outages for UK storage sites and Norwegian facilities, which led to an undersupplied short-term gas system... more info >

Which? urges government to cut smart meter costs

28 Oct 2014

Consumer group Which? has written to the government calling for new measures to lower the cost of the smart meter roll-out.... more info >

Market reforms needed to boost market confidence: FSB

28 Oct 2014

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and consumer advocate Which? have teamed up to highlight trust failures in the non-domestic energy market and to call for radical reforms to business energy tariffs.... more info >

British Natural gas nears winter lows

30 Jan 2014

British wholesale natural gas prices were traded near winter lows early on Wednesday, dragged down by reduced demand and ample supplies.... more info >

The painful truth: Energy bills will keep rising, whatever politicians say; It is time to end the f

10 Oct 2013

It is rapidly becoming a truism that Britain's energy prices are unnecessarily high and that it is within the gift of politicians to bring them down. Neither suggestion is correct.......... more info >

EU told its new fracking rules may rob Britain of cheap energy

10 Oct 2013

The European Union has been accused of killing off the prospect of cheap shale gas, which Britain sees as the key to cutting rising energy bills, with expensive and "reckless" regulation of fracking.... more info >

Shale gas revolution 'could halve oil price'

01 Jul 2013

The price of oil could halve within the next decade because of a shale revolution, according to industry experts.... more info >

It should have been easy to see this energy blackout coming

30 Jun 2013

There is little doubt that a warning from the energy watchdog last week that Britain is facing blackouts within 18 months was no empty threat, and one that should embarrass the government. But it also helps ministers as they try to swing public opinion... more info >

Wind farms to be paid at three times the market rate

28 Jun 2013

Wind farms will receive generous subsidies for at least six years under a deal to give them three times the market rate for the electricity they produce.... more info >

Blackout risk triples in face of energy squeeze, Ofgem warns

28 Jun 2013

The risk of future blackouts has trebled in the past year as Britain is facing an energy crisis that will push up bills, the regulator has said. Ofgem warned that there could be energy shortages in the middle of this decade... more info >

Is the 'hairy skyscraper' the future of cities? Radical eco-design covered in energy generating fib

22 May 2013

It looks unlike any other skyscraper ever designed - and appears at first glance to be wearing a giant wig. However, experts say this bizarre design could be the future of high rise buildings.... more info >

Investors 'face most pain' with low-carbon energy

01 May 2013

Britain's energy policy faces an "inevitable" crisis that will result in the Government sacrificing energy investors' interests as it seeks to protect itself and the public from soaring bills.... more info >

Centrica in Canadian deal for gas assets

16 Apr 2013

Two months after pulling out of plans to build Britain's first new nuclear plants in a generation, Centrica and its Qatari partners yesterday invested C$1bn (£639m) in a package of Canadian natural gas assets... more info >

Trump loses fight against Scottish windfarm: Ministers approve £230m experimental project Tycoon thr

27 Mar 2013

Scottish ministers have given the go-ahead to an experimental offshore windfarm site near Aberdeen after ignoring billionaire property magnate Donald Trump's threats of legal action to block the project. Trump has repeatedly attacked the EOWDC Proposal... more info >

Green subsidies will increase our utility bills by £150 a year

27 Mar 2013

Households will have to pay more than £150 a year extra on their energy bills to subsidise wind farms and other green power plants by 2020. The five-fold increase in green subsidies, added to rising global gas price... more info >

'Burnable ice' find gives Japan hope of 100-year gas supply

14 Mar 2013

Post-Fukushima dependence on imported LNG could come to an end as exploration ship finds methane hydrate 1,000ft below the seabed... more info >

Business environmental update

04 Mar 2013

A brief update on new environmental regulation changes.... more info >

Fury at Centrica dash for cash: British Gas profits soar as campaigners warn of rising fuel poverty:

28 Feb 2013

The acrimonious debate over soaring energy bills and mounting fuel poverty reignited yesterday when British Gas - the biggest energy supplier in the UK - unveiled an 11% increase in profits... more info >

Moors that inspired Wuthering Heights are saved from wind turbines as planners take into considerati

20 Feb 2013

A proposed wind farm on the rugged moors that inspired the Bronte sisters has been banned after the area's literary significance was taken into consideration.... more info >

Ofgem warns steep energy price hikes on the way

20 Feb 2013

Electricity giant EdF confirmed yesterday it wants the UK government to sign 40-year contracts to support building new nuclear reactors in Britain - as the national energy regulator warned prices are likely to rise higher than expected.... more info >

The price we will pay for dithering on energy

20 Feb 2013

One of the most basic duties of government is to keep the lights on. Yet for a decade and more, Britain has failed to treat this task as a priority.... more info >

Energy prices to soar as British reserves 'head downhill fast' warns watchdog boss

19 Feb 2013

Energy supplies are on a 'rollercoaster' and heading 'downhill fast', a regulator warned again today. Ofgem issued the stark warning to consumers and businesses to prepare for higher prices as power plants close, foreign gas supplies shrink... more info >

Viability of shale oil power source in doubt due to cost

21 Dec 2012

George Osborne's hope for a shale gas revolution in the UK has been dealt a serious blow after a leading authority on the energy industry predicted that it would not be commercially viable to extract the gas.... more info >

'prepared to walk away' from EDF nuclear talks

06 Nov 2012

Britain will walk away from talks with French giant EDF Energy over its planned UK nuclear plant if the burden for the consumer is too high, says John Hayes, the energy minister.... more info >

Sellafield nuclear waste clean-up dangerously slow

06 Nov 2012

Sellafield's plans to replace ageing nuclear waste facilities posing "significant risks" to the population face "considerable" uncertainty, a public spending watchdog warns today... more info >

UK close to key deal on price of nuclear power

29 Oct 2012

The Government has set a cap on how much it will pay for electricity generated by new nuclear power stations in its negotiations with EDF... more info >

French to swoop on British nuclear fuel

15 Oct 2012

Bid for £10bn Urenco could trigger political wrangle over control of sensitive technology... more info >

'reserve' to keep lights on

14 Oct 2012

THE UK needs to develop an "emergency service" for gas supplies to meet power demands over the next decade, according to the energy and climate change select committee. ... more info >

The power game

12 Oct 2012

how a climate change loophole may put Britain's foot on the gas... more info >

power bill rises to hit more than 8million homes

12 Oct 2012

British Gas to raise prices by £80 from next month... more info >

British Gas turns up bills by £100 with record tariffs

11 Oct 2012

Average household's annual budget to be hit from next month by three-figure hike... more info >

Gas bosses give up their £200 perk

09 Oct 2012

TOP bosses at British Gas's owner have turned down a controversial perk - piling pressure on an arch rival to follow suit.... more info >

Irish wind power could help keep UK lights on

08 Oct 2012

£5bn plan to generate electricity for Britain Energy from 700 turbines would flow under Irish Sea... more info >

Knowing when is waste is not waste

08 Oct 2012

A DEFRA explaination of when waste is considered waste and when it is not, not exactly fasinating but it's all here... more info >

plans environmental experiment on Hawaiian isle

03 Oct 2012

LARRY ELLISON, America's third richest man, has revealed plans for an ambitious green experiment on a 141-square-mile island in the Pacific, which he bought this summer for $500million (£311million). ... more info >


01 Oct 2012

What happened to compressed natural gas as an automotive fuel? And why don't electric cars have gearboxes? Andrew English reports... more info >

Nuclear waste to fuel voyages into dark space

30 Sep 2012

BRITAIN'S burgeoning stockpile of nuclear waste may finally be put to good use - as fuel for Europe's future missions to the solar system's most distant and exotic planets such as Uranus and Neptune.... more info >

Energy blow as wind power fuels pollution

27 Sep 2012

BRITAIN'S drive for wind power risks boosting emissions of greenhouse gases, campaigners claimed yesterday.... more info >


26 Sep 2012

Oil and gas exploration company making a return... more info >

Matilda's Planet gives inventors a 'green Dragons' Den"

25 Sep 2012

Inventors with environmentally friendly ideas are being given a design, engineering and UK manufacturing base to help bring their inventions to market in a "green version of Dragons' Den".... more info >

Wind turbines 'could power the planet'

12 Sep 2012

The Earth has more than enough wind to power the entire world, at least technically, two studies say.... more info >

Green light for windfarm after plans are changed

08 Sep 2012

Plans for a large windfarm that in their original form sparked controversy have been approved by Scottish ministers after developers agreed to reduce the number of turbines. ... more info >

It's not just Popeye that gets the boost: Adding spinach to solar panels triples their efficiency

06 Sep 2012

Ask people what they know of spinach's energy-boosting powers, and most people will start talking about Popeye the Sailor Man. But in a strange twist, it turns out spinach could be placed into solar panels to create a much greater supply of electricity. ... more info >

costs force Gazprom to quit vast Arctic gasfield

30 Aug 2012

Russia has been humiliated after it was forced to abandon one of the world's largest gasfields.... more info >

Dark clouds gather over China's once-booming solar industry

30 Aug 2012

The country's push into solar energy was supposed to be a proud advance but a new sector is now on the brink of going bust, writes Malcolm Moore ; THE REAL CHINESE ECONOMY... more info >

'Photo tricks used to make wind turbines appear smaller'

28 Aug 2012

WIND farm developers have been accused of making turbines look smaller than they actually are when applying for planning permission in order to "trick" councils into giving them the go-ahead. ... more info >

Doubts mount over UK's nuclear energy future

21 Aug 2012

New plants are now unlikely to be built to the planned timetable, writes Emily Gosden KEEPING THE LIGHTS ON... more info >

Ireland’s Excess green energy could fill peaks in UK demand.

20 Aug 2012

An Irish think-tank, Spirit of Ireland, has taken the first step to creating a network of reservoirs that could supply Britain with clean energy. ... more info >

Rush for East African gas just starting

20 Aug 2012

The Rovuma discovery owes its existence to a geological formation called a turbidite. When rivers washed away their sediment millions of years ago, the sand formed in big pancakes at the bottom of slopes. ... more info >

'Untested' reactors may be used to burn up plutonium waste

20 Aug 2012

Feasibility study looks at building revolutionary new facility at Sellafield to dispose of stockpile... more info >

Protecting porpoises' hearing adds millions to wind farm projects

20 Aug 2012

Porpoises are adding millions of euros to costs for wind-turbine developers in waters off Germany, delaying the nation's shift from nuclear energy.... more info >

£124bn 'blunder' of wind farms

08 Aug 2012

ELECTRICITY bills could soar by more than £300 a year under the Government's "blundering" green energy plans, experts have warned. ... more info >

EDF looks to spread UK nuclear costs

01 Aug 2012

French energy giant EDF may seek more partners to share the costs of new nuclear plants in the UK and has appointed a financial adviser to consider its options.... more info >

Eiffel Tower goes green

01 Aug 2012

The Eiffel Tower will start making its own electricity and hot water by the end of 2013 in an attempt to reduce the "Iron Lady's" carbon footprint.... more info >

Germany is a shining light in green power

31 May 2012

German solar power plants produced a record 22 gigawatts of electricity last weekend.... more info >

Energy market shakeup raises fears of higher bills

23 May 2012

The biggest reforms to the UK energy sector in two decades were set out yesterday, prompting warnings from consumer groups and green campaigners that they would raise bills and penalise renewable energy while boosting nuclear power.... more info >

Eight ageing nuclear plants could get a stay of execution

22 May 2012

Eight nuclear power stations that were due to be closed in the next 10 years could be given a stay of execution and kept open, it has been reported.... more info >

Tsunami may spark 28% gas bill rise

08 May 2012

Higher household fuel bills are looming this winter because of last year's devastating earthquake in Japan, experts warned yesterday. ... more info >

French election may leave nuclear no longer an option

08 May 2012

Nuclear energy policy in Britain is on the verge of meltdown as experts predict that the new French government will order EDF to divert billions of euros intended for new UK reactors back into the French domestic power market.... more info >

Energy crisis 'looming over Britain'

04 May 2012

The lights could go out unless vital decisions on wind farm and nuclear power strategy are made quickly, says MP... more info >

Utilities; Need to know

01 May 2012

Renewable Energy Holdings: The renewable company has put itself up for sale after failing to find the £180 million needed to develop its two onshore wind farm projects in Wales and Poland.... more info >

'Big six' roasted over giant bills

30 Apr 2012

As Greenpeace activists blocked British Gas owner Centrica's headquarters, experts at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said the gap between the "true cost" of energy and what people were paying would reach £1.9 billion by 2020.... more info >

Solar subsidy cuts cast shadow over 6,200 jobs

29 Apr 2012

THE Government has been accused of causing the loss of 6,200 jobs as a result of "devastating" cuts to subsidies for solar panel installations. New figures from the campaign group Cut Don't Kill show that the UK solar industry has contracted by 25%... more info >

China powers up 6bn nuclear bid; Talks with Toshiba over funding for new reactors

29 Apr 2012

One of China's state-backed nuclear companies is in talks to invest more than $10 billion (£6 billion) in Britain's new nuclear reactors. ... more info >

Cameron to defy critics and back wind farms

26 Apr 2012

David Cameron will call today for more wind farms to be built in Britain to help industry. Speaking to more than 20 energy ministers from around the world, Mr Cameron will say that more renewable energy must be built to "keep the lights on"... more info >

A rubbish idea for producing gas

24 Apr 2012

Good news for Britain's beleaguered energy sector. Half of the UK's household gas needs can be met by burning the rubbish we throw out. The technology, called energy from waste', is still in its infancy... more info >

UK CO2 emissions down 7% in 2011

03 Apr 2012

The UK revealed that its greenhouse gas emissions dropped 7 % year-on-year in 2011, mainly due to a higher average temperature... more info >

The Academies Show

27 Mar 2012

Utilitas are attending the Academies Show on stand 5a, May 16th at Olympia... more info >

Solar panel subsidy reinstated by court

24 Mar 2012

Tens of thousands of households have won the right to an extra £500 per year in subsidies for their solar panels, after the Government lost its legal battle over the handouts.... more info >

KCC manager Ross Knowles in £2m fraud, court told

20 Mar 2012

A Kent County Council chief responsible for arranging energy contracts committed a fraud involving more than £2 million, a court heard. Ross Knowles was said to have lavished a staggering £376,000 on luxury purchases, including a Jaguar car... more info >

UK wants renewable energy target scrapped: Document reveals move to rebrand nuclear power: Fears tha

12 Mar 2012

The UK government wants nuclear power to be given parity with renewables in Europe, in a move that would significantly boost atomic energy in Britain but downgrade investment in renewable generation, according to a leaked document seen by the Guardian.... more info >

Donald Trump promises £10m to fight wind farm construction in Britain

27 Feb 2012

Fresh from a dispute with environmentalists over his golf resort on the Aberdeenshire coast, the billionaire Donald Trump has revealed plans to hand £10m to anti-wind farm campaigners.... more info >

Energy giants 'overcharge families' as bills keep rising: 'Sticky' customers who don't shop

26 Feb 2012

We saw this article in The Observer. It is focused on Domestic supplies however the same is true for Business.... more info >

Let Britannia rule the waves again

20 Feb 2012

Britain must not lose its lead in the development of marine energy like it did with wind power... more info >

Solar panel subsidies to be cut further after scheme costs an extra £700m

10 Feb 2012

SOLAR panel subsidies are being earmarked for further cuts, after ministers admitted the over-budget scheme will cost households an extra £700million through energy bills.... more info >

Academies are made eligible for SEELS loan, as the Department of Energy and Climate change gives £20

07 Feb 2012

Schools are encouraged to adopt more sustainable energy sources to reduce their carbon emissions and lower energy consumption, as academies are made eligible for new Government funding.... more info >

Turning waste into energy

31 Jan 2012

Envirolink believes there is great potential for companies to make significant savings with a tried and trusted green technology... more info >

Reducing costs and carbon

25 Jan 2012

Not-for-profit Salix Finance has recently been awarded an additional £20m for its successful energy efficiency loans programme to help English public sector organisations to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.... more info >

Trust spends double on phones and internet

20 Jan 2012

The East Kent hospitals trust has spent more than £150,000 on mobile phones and internet last year. The figure is more than double the previous year and five times the amount in other Kent trusts. ... more info >

EDF is first big supplier to drop gas prices

12 Jan 2012

EDF Energy is to cut gas prices by 5 per cent from 7 February, the first major energy supplier to respond to a 10 per cent drop in underlying wholesale costs due to mild weather and declining economic activity.... more info >

British Gas cuts power prices but gas tariff stays the same

12 Jan 2012

The price cut will knock £24 off the average bill but the Centrica-owened firm said it wouldn't touch gas prices, which it put up by 18 per cent in August... more info >

Housing groups 'being blinded by the science of green energy'

10 Jan 2012

Councils and landlords are being put under pressure to spend large sums of money on technology to cut energy bills, despite having little understanding of what they are buying, a study has found. ... more info >

Détente would give solar industry a ray of hope

08 Jan 2012

Last week the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) launched an appeal against the High Court ruling that the Government's feed-in tariff (or grant) cuts for the solar industry were "legally flawed". This appeal could well be overturned... more info >

Ministers feel the heat over solar energy cuts

22 Dec 2011

The slashing of the feed-in tariff for solar power has been ruled unlawful; today MPs claim the plans could be 'fatal' to the industry. ... more info >

Ministers battle to curb solar subsidies

13 Dec 2011

The number of home owners installing solar panels increased tenfold last year, as people rushed to take advantage of £25,000 each in green subsidies.... more info >

RHI update – 25 November 2011

25 Nov 2011

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic generators will open for applications on Monday 28 November 2011... more info >

Subsidy cuts could kill solar industry, ministers are warned

03 Nov 2011

Sharp cuts in solar power subsidies for homeowners threaten to strangle the solar industry at birth and cost tens of thousands of jobs, Labour and renewables experts warned yesterday.... more info >

Cuts will 'destroy solar industry'

01 Nov 2011

THE Government has been accused of destroying 25,000 jobs and "bankrupting a whole industry" after it unveiled plans to cut subsidies for green energy.... more info >

RHI update

07 Oct 2011

The DECC have now received the letter from the European Commission providing state approval for the RHI - subject to a reduction in the large biomass tariff.... more info >

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic generators

29 Sep 2011

The DECC was planning to launch the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic generators on 30 September 2011. This has now been delayed, this is due to the tariff for the large biomass being set to high, according to the EU Commission... more info >

SSE ditches nuclear power for gas, wind and biomass

24 Sep 2011

Scottish and Southern (SSE), the UK's second-biggest energy generator, has abandoned its quest to develop nuclear power in favour of producing more electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind farms and biomass plants. ... more info >

'Big Six' energy firms to face increased competition Labour to open up energy markets to competition

24 Sep 2011

Labour will next week pledge to end the dominance of the big energy firms by allowing anyone to "buy" wholesale gas and electricity and sell it to consumers.... more info >

Apache picks up another piece of the North Sea; Business briefing Energy

22 Sep 2011

ExxonMobil has become the latest oil major to sell off its ageing fields in the North Sea after agreeing a $1.75 billion deal with Apache. The deal will boost the American buyer's North Sea production by 19,000 barrels per day, or 54 per cent. ... more info >

Green energy subsidies could do more harm than good

20 Sep 2011

You were probably shocked by the headline on the Sunday Times last week: "Wind farm is paid £1.2m not to make electricity." The story told how a Norwegian renewables company operating in the UK was asked to shut down its turbines at its Crystal Rig farm... more info >

Centrica urged to pull out of building nuclear power plants: Delays at French prototype raise concer

25 Jul 2011

Centrica is being urged by the City to withdraw from a £4bn commitment to build new nuclear power stations in partnership with Electricite de France (EDF) amid soaring costs and delays at a prototype reactor at Flamanville in France.... more info >

British Gas sees profits halved

24 Jul 2011

Profits have halved at British Gas due to higher commodity prices and lower energy consumption, it is expected to reveal this week.... more info >

Without energy reform, we'll be in the dark. It is vital that Britain prepares to provide far more

12 Jul 2011

Winter may seem a long way off, but consumers are already feeling the chill as food and fuel prices erode household spending power. With 99 per cent of Britain's energy supplied by just six companies, do not expect to find an easy escape.... more info >

Green drive 'will force power bills up by 30pc'

10 Jul 2011

Incentives to encourage energy companies to invest in renewable power sources, such as wind farms, will put an extra £160 a year in real terms on the average household bill over the next 20 years.... more info >


10 Jul 2011

Rowena Mason reports on this week's government White Paper and asks whether it will finally set out a clear direction for the UK's energy industry... more info >

UK's biggest solar farm comes online - but will it be the last?

07 Jul 2011

The forecast for Cornwall is patchy: clouds, showers, even rain. But drizzly weather will not take the shine out of Britain's biggest solar farm, which is connecting to the grid near Truro today, just in time to qualify for the last of a generous subsidy... more info >

Solar energy will soon make commercial sense as panel costs plummet, says Ernst & Young: Prices to h

21 Jun 2011

The price of solar panels is falling so fast that by 2013 they will cost half of what they did in 2009, according to a report from Ernst & Young that argues solar electricity could play "an important role" in meeting the UK's renewable energy targets.... more info >

Solar energy funding cuts prompt outrage

10 Jun 2011

The Government’s decision to cut subsidies for solar energy to all but the smallest projects will threaten investment and job creation in the alternative energy sector, environmental and industry groups warned yesterday. ... more info >

Centrica rails at 81% tax rate as key gasfield is mothballed

02 Jun 2011

One of Britain's biggest gasfields is to stay closed because Centrica says that the Chancellor's windfall tax on the oil industry has made it uneconomic.... more info >

Shale gas drilling suspended in U.K. after earthquakes

01 Jun 2011

A mining company has halted drilling for shale gas in England after scientists said two small earthquakes might be linked to the controversial process, known as "fracking."... more info >

E.ON to sue over nuclear shutdown

01 Jun 2011

E.ON is suing the German Government for billions of euros in damages over its dramatic U-turn on nuclear power after the Fukushima meltdown in Japan. The energy company's German rival RWE, which operates as RWE npower in Britain, is also considering legal... more info >

Nuclear-free Germany means higher UK bills

31 May 2011

BRITAIN'S energy bills could rise after Germany vowed yesterday to go nuclearfree by 2022.... more info >

Utilities; Need to know

31 May 2011

An independent report commisssioned by the trade body said that Ofgem, the regulator, has misled consumers when it claimed that suppliers were too quick to raise prices and too slow to cut them.... more info >

Energy: Renewables: Cheap gas will curb growth of clean energy projects, says GE chief

31 May 2011

A glut of cheap gas will see the fuel overtake renewable sources in the global race to build new energy generation, says a senior energy industry executive.... more info >

Special report: Carbon emissions: Nuclear power: Japan crisis tests carbon emission cuts as nations

30 May 2011

Moves to cut carbon emissions in line with international targets have come under renewed strain since the nuclear crisis in Japan led some countries to shelve plans to use the technology. ... more info >

SSE sells three wind farms to Infinis

16 Apr 2011

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has sold three UK wind farms for £173.6m. All went to renewable power generator Infinis - owned by Guy Hands' private equity firm Terra Firma.... more info >

Gas will feel benefit from nuclear negativity

21 Mar 2011

THE crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan is going to change global energy markets for good. Nuclear is a dirty word once more - and gas is likely to be the main beneficiary.... more info >

BT to increase call charges by 9%

20 Mar 2011

Telecoms giant BT has said it will raise call charges by 9% and increase its monthly standard line rental charge by 30 pence from 28 April.... more info >

World's first Renewable Heat Incentive launched to reduce emissions

10 Mar 2011

"This incentive is the first of its kind in the world. It’ll help the UK shift away from fossil fuel, reducing carbon emissions and encouraging innovation, jobs and growth in new advanced technologies.” (Secretary of State, Chris Huhne)... more info >

'Photo tricks used to make wind turbines appear smaller'

01 Jan 0000

WIND farm developers have been accused of making turbines look smaller than they actually are when applying for planning permission in order to "trick" councils into giving them the go-ahead. ... more info >

Cuts will 'destroy solar industry'

01 Jan 0000

THE Government has been accused of destroying 25,000 jobs and "bankrupting a whole industry" after it unveiled plans to cut subsidies for green energy.... more info >

Duty of care - your waste responsibilities

01 Jan 0000

You need to check that anyone collecting or transporting your waste is registered correctly under the new two-tier registration system... more info >