6 Tips For Surviving a Corporate Event

We have been lucky enough to attend a fair few events in our time. It's a great way to meet new people and businesses, and find out about exciting developments in your industry.

We’re sure many of you are seasoned veterans and could teach us a thing or two about getting the most out of corporate events, but with the ISBA conference just around the corner we thought we’d offer some essential advice to those that may need it.



Keep it moving

There’s always tons to see and do at an event, so make sure that you don’t get stuck at one stand for half the day. Check out programmes or layouts beforehand and keep a note of what you want to see and who you want to speak to - and make sure you stick to it.

Get chatting

Everyone likes a chat, and at these events it’s part of the deal. This is the perfect time to see who’s doing what, and whether anyone’s doing something that you should know about. You may even save yourself some money in the process. 

Have some talking points

Is there a problem you’ve been having recently that you’d like help with? Or a niggling concern that perhaps you could be doing something better? Well, now’s the time to do something about it. Conferences are a great place to discuss issues with people in the same boat as you, and get some advice on things you could do differently - whether it’s from exhibitors or other attendees.

Think about relationships

Events are really about building relationships with people. Engage in conversations with new people and listen to what others are saying; whether that’s at a talk or down the pub afterwards. It’s also the perfect opportunity to catch up with people you already knew; you never know when you could help eachother out.

Enjoy yourself!

When it comes to conferences, everyone likes to enjoy a drink or two with peers and acquaintances that they don’t get to see all the time. It’s also a great opportunity to explore a new city, so why not make the most of the trip? Just make sure that you’ll want to show your face at the next one! 

Take action

When you get back to work after a conference it can be easy to forget everything that happened. Try to make sure that you follow up with any interesting exhibitors you spoke to, or reply if they get in touch with you. Don’t forget to talk to colleagues or other people in your department about discussions you had, too - or any improvements that you could be making.


These are a few of our top tips for surviving corporate events, but we love to hear new bits of advice. If you have any of your own personal survival tips, make sure to share them with us on Twitter.


If you are attending the ISBA conference then you can find us on Stand 42, where we’ll have one of the country’s leading caricaturists with us. If not, we hope to see you at another event in the future!


Alternatively, if you are interested in finding out more about Utilitas and the work that we do, contact us today.



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