Private Equity

Utilitas Solutions can help portfolio managers reduce overheads and add value to their portfolio companies. We specialise in outsourced procurement - we help companies to minimise expenditure across a range of areas, including energy, telecoms, waste, water and office supplies. By driving down running costs, we enable owners and investors to increase profitability and grow the value of their assets.

Our client list encompasses a diverse range of organisations, and we have an impressive track-record of delivering savings for a number of high-performing companies, including Build-A-Bear and Strutt & Parker.

We are confident we could deliver a significant positive impact to the bottom line of most of your UK based portfolio companies.

The size of the cost reduction we can achieve varies with the nature of each client company. Typically, savings in each area range between 10% and 40%:

- Energy 12% - 20%

- Waste 30% - 50%

- Stationery 23% - 36%

- Photocopying 22% - 38%

- Telecoms 10% - 34%

- Hygiene products 10% - 40%

A risk-free solution

Our fees are linked to the value of the cost reductions we achieve. So if we can’t deliver, it won’t cost you a penny. To gain deeper insight into how we work, or to learn more about the scale of savings we could deliver, please contact us via the contact us page.

Stuart Wheeler owner of Chilham Castle

"We were very happy with the rebate and forward savings Utilitas found for Chilham Castle."


Cost Reduction Services


Our customers have a wide choice of suppliers for both electricity and gas. Some suppliers seek to build their market share, while others are happy to rely on customer inertia to maintain a higher profit margin. With this balance constantly changing, our detailed analysis allows us to determine which suppliers offer the best value to our clients at any point in time. More info >


We aim to reduce all of your telecommunications costs, whether it is mobile phone services, landlines, internet access or data transfer between different sites in your company. More info >

Stationery & Photocopying

We seek to provide you with the most competitive contract we can find, with the best set of conditions to meet your individual needs. We will ensure the terms are favourable, the charges competitive and the service excellent. More info >

Waste & Water



Utilitas has an encyclopaedic understanding of environmental legislation, and combined with a deep insight into the waste services marketplace, we help our clients to maintain strict regulatory compliance whilst minimising costs.

Commission Utilitas to manage your waste services procurement and we will analyse the volume and type of waste generated by your business, and closely examine existing waste disposal contracts to ensure your current service provider is meeting your requirements. If you’re happy with your existing level of service, we can negotiate discounts against ongoing contracts, or we can put multiple waste streams out to tender to optimise service and minimise costs.

As with any of our cost management services, we will continue to audit your invoices for billing errors and unauthorised charges, plus we’ll recommend additional changes any time we identify an opportunity to further reduce costs.