Property Management

Utilitas Solutions recognises that property management firms face some unique issues not shared by other business. 

Primarily, it is your client's money you are managing and spending, and you have a duty of care to obtain best value for their spend. 

One of the biggest challenges to property management firms procurement of energy in recent times has been an increased drive by the supply companies to seek payment by Direct Debit.

Many utility companies have responded to the post-credit crunch period by re-focusing their target market away from larger portfolios, many will only accept payment by DD and all have tightened their credit vetting procedures. The few remaining suppliers who do offer contract pricing without DD tend to be less competitive. So any organizations not able to pay by DD are now effectively financially penalised. 

At Utilitas Solutions we have responded to the changes by moving many of our clients away from suppliers who, because of the internal changes, were refusing to renew business. We have the necessary understanding and contacts within the supply companies to ensure that our property management clients receive the best rates possible. 

We have also launched a new product specifically for the property management community, to enable you to access better rates while retaining the more traditional payment methods.


"As a result of our own experience and the savings we have gained, we now happily recommend Utilitas Solutions' services to our clients. With only a small investment of time and no financial outlay, clients could stand to make significant savings on their essential service overheads"

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Cost Reduction Services


Our customers have a wide choice of suppliers for both electricity and gas. Some suppliers seek to build their market share, while others are happy to rely on customer inertia to maintain a higher profit margin. With this balance constantly changing, our detailed analysis allows us to determine which suppliers offer the best value to our clients at any point in time. More info >


We aim to reduce all of your telecommunications costs, whether it is mobile phone services, landlines, internet access or data transfer between different sites in your company. More info >

Stationery & Photocopying

We seek to provide you with the most competitive contract we can find, with the best set of conditions to meet your individual needs. We will ensure the terms are favourable, the charges competitive and the service excellent. More info >

Waste & Water



Utilitas has an encyclopaedic understanding of environmental legislation, and combined with a deep insight into the waste services marketplace, we help our clients to maintain strict regulatory compliance whilst minimising costs.

Commission Utilitas to manage your waste services procurement and we will analyse the volume and type of waste generated by your business, and closely examine existing waste disposal contracts to ensure your current service provider is meeting your requirements. If you’re happy with your existing level of service, we can negotiate discounts against ongoing contracts, or we can put multiple waste streams out to tender to optimise service and minimise costs.

As with any of our cost management services, we will continue to audit your invoices for billing errors and unauthorised charges, plus we’ll recommend additional changes any time we identify an opportunity to further reduce costs.