Office Supplies


Many companies treat stationery invoices as just another cost of doing business, yet efficient office supplies procurement can be a rich source of savings.

That’s because many stationery suppliers intentionally form close relationships with their clients’ purchasing staff, promoting the twin ethics of good service and good value. Yet in our experience, the latter often falls well short of the promise.


We believe it’s healthy to test this relationship by putting your office supplies requirements out to tender so you can evaluate existing costs against the wider marketplace. This approach consistently delivers significant and ongoing cost savings together with improved SLA’s.

Even if you’re confident in your ability to negotiate a tough deal with your stationery provider, you can still fall prey to price manipulation tactics. That’s because any discounts will usually be linked to specific line items, which means that if you order the same product in a different pack size, the discount won’t apply. Stationery suppliers use short-term promotions to encourage these “off contract” purchases. Then when the promotion ends, the price rockets, and unless you analyse each invoice line by line, you’ll never know.

Our invoice validation service monitors every item on every invoice, ensuring pricing and quantities remain consistent with the agreed terms.


Just like energy and utilities providers, photocopier suppliers often rely on complex charging structures and confusing terms to hide the true nature of their costs, and to maximise their own revenues. Many photocopier lease agreements are “top heavy”, featuring excessive annual price rises, questionable network fees, misleading usage terms and minimum volume agreements that can leave you with hefty, unexpected charges.

The chief pitfall to look out for is the contract that looks and sounds like an “all you can eat” deal. You listen to the sales pitch, sign on the dotted line, then you and your staff behave like you’re on an all-inclusive contract. But half-way through the term you find a massive surcharge on your monthly invoice because you’ve used up your entire print and copying allowance. And when you check the fine print, you discover that your “all-inclusive” contract isn’t quite what you were led to believe.

Utilitas has a wealth of experience in this area, so we can examine your company’s requirements and propose a supplier who is prepared to deliver what you need, not what they want. We’ll negotiate the most favourable terms possible, with highly competitive pricing and a service level agreement to match your demands.

Our invoice validation service ensures that you’re charged the appropriate fixed fees and usage rates, and we’ll liaise with suppliers to claim a rebate should we identify any anomalies.

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While schools have a different expense base from most other companies we assist, they do share common ground in the operation of a functioning back office and the management of infrastructure costs.

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Leisure & Retail

Dealing with the consumer en masse, your focus is on running your business to ensure the high level of service your customers deserve. Identifying and managing cost management issues can divert man hours and resources away from your customers.  

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With our roots deep in Kent, the Garden of England, it was natural for us to look at how we could support the agricultural sector to reduce their overheads and maximise their profitability.

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Professional Services

Solicitors, accountants and other professional service providers that have grown beyond the single office often benefit from outsourced assistance with procurement.

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Property Management

Utilitas Solutions recognises that property management firms face some unique issues not shared by other business. 

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Private Equity

Utilitas Solutions can help portfolio managers reduce overheads and add value to their portfolio companies. We specialise in outsourced procurement

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