"As a result of our own experience and the savings we have gained, we now happily recommend Utilitas Solutions' services to our clients"

Steve Ellmers (DSH)

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the level of savings produced just goes to show we are best to focus on what we do best and let the experts find the savings

Tim Robinson (Brachers)

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"We were extremely pleased at the level of detail they went into and the savings they produced. We have now asked them to look into other areas of spend to see what they can find there" - Wendy Turner (National Autistic Society)  
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Utilitas Solutions

Reducing overheads. Growing profitability.

Utilitas helps clients to minimise essential spend and reduce the cost of doing business. We have an impressive track-record of delivering significant savings through smarter and more effective procurement.

When you’re running a business, it’s only natural to be tightly focused on your customers, staff, operations and sales pipeline. So it’s no surprise that day-to-day tasks such as paying energy bills get taken for granted. Yet energy, telecoms, waste, water and office supplies can make up a significant proportion of your total cost base. And because it’s rare for any business to closely monitor pricing and actively manage these relationships, there’s usually huge scope to find savings in these areas.

Many suppliers are very effective at gradually raising fees through the manipulation of highly complex tariffs. They know that most of their business customers simply won’t spot the creeping tariff increases, because they’re either too busy to analyse their bills or they don’t have the relevant expertise in-house.

Utilitas has the expertise. We know what to look for, we know where to look, and we know that regular invoice validation can uncover a remarkable variety of errors, inaccuracies and unauthorised fee increases.

We’re so confident in our ability to slash your business costs, that if we can’t deliver, we won’t charge you a penny. Our fees are directly linked to the value of the savings we achieve. So you’ve really got nothing to lose.

To find out how much your suppliers are overcharging you, get in touch today.
You’ll be surprised at what we find.

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"The savings achieved by Utilitas speak for themselves and what I like most about the relationship we have with Eric and the rest of the team is that whilst they are tasked with finding the best savings possible they always ensure that our needs are met"

St Albans School

"We've received fantastic results by using Utilitas. I'd like to thank them for their input and results, and for assisting when we've had energy-related issues, including installations, over the last couple of years."

St Johns School

Latest News

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New energy legislation DCP 161 excess capacity charges

21 Feb 2018

From 1st April 2018, Ofgem are introducing new legislation to ensure that half hourly (HH) supplies that exceed their assigned available capacity pay a penalty.

Are you ready for the Water Deregulation Changes?

23 Mar 2017

If not, you are not alone. From our research, we have identified that the majority of businesses feel unprepared for these imminent changes. There has been very little in the way of education and information from the industry.

Energy Snap Shot - colder weather and a drop in the value of Sterling can't stop the slide

18 Mar 2017

A mixed week with Sterlings fall on Brexit talks, colder weather for March and improving renewable generation

Energy snap shot - Rough storage issues and warmer weather

09 Feb 2017

Rough Storage has continued isuues to the wells currently looking like it will hinder teh injection of gas during the summer