About Us


Like most businesses, we started small. We wanted to offer something more personal, more impartial.

We understood how your personal focus on providing and honing your service to your clients or shareholders leaves you with less time and effort available to analyse your non-core costs.

We wanted to become the people you came to, who understood the dynamics of the energy market and other supplier services, who could help you find the best possible prices and enable you to put your profits back into your business, where they belong.

We began as Netiv Consulting, but have re-branded as Utilitas Solutions, which we feel more accurately describes our mission: we deliver solutions to your utility problems.

We've gained valuable experience and training over the past 10 years that has helped us shape how we analyse and disseminate data but feel our most valuable commodity is our relationships with suppliers.

We're not just two guys in an office any more. We now employ other experienced analysts to enable us to help you, our clients, unravel the complexities of the many non-core cost areas, such as energy procurement.

Our team will examine your present energy usage, for example, and provide targeted and immediate solutions to enable to reduce those costs and return those savings to your primary business.

You want to know one of our secrets? We've never forgotten how important our suppliers are. We know that maintaining close contact with the providers, and especially with their customer support teams, enables us to be aware of the changes within their industry that affect their service delivery to you, our clients. We can anticipate problems, and develop and integrate proactive solutions to them, which delivers the best result for all of us.

We're now big enough to provide you with a comprehensive service, but still personal enough to be able to tailor the bespoke solutions to meet your particular situation and goals.

Whatever your business, whatever your scale, wherever in the UK you are, we can help you.

Try us, utilising our no win, no fee guarantee, and find out why Utilitas Solutions is the answer to your cost-management challenges.