Energy and Energy Management

We have detailed, up-to-the-minute knowledge of the business gas and electric marketplace, plus a deep insight into suppliers’ pricing strategies. So if your energy provider is gradually increasing rates to grow their own margins, or another supplier is reducing rates to boost their market share, we’ll know about it. We use this information to help our clients minimise their energy bills, and to devise energy procurement strategies that drive down costs in the short, medium and long term.

When you commission Utilitas to manage your energy procurement, we will analyse your usage and billing history to build up a clear profile of your energy requirements. We’ll then evaluate this profile against the most competitive tariffs in the marketplace to identify the supplier and contract that will deliver the greatest saving. Once you have given your confirmation to proceed, we will manage the entire transfer process for you.

Yet our job doesn’t end there. Our invoice validation service checks the fixed fees and usage rates applied on your bills, and if we spot an error or identify a metering issue, we’ll liaise with your supplier and claim a rebate.

We continually track prices from the major providers and specialist business-only suppliers. So if you’re coming to the end of your existing deal, we’ll take advantage of any opportunity to lock in favourable rates for your next contract.

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While schools have a different expense base from most other companies we assist, they do share common ground in the operation of a functioning back office and the management of infrastructure costs.

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Leisure & Retail

Dealing with the consumer en masse, your focus is on running your business to ensure the high level of service your customers deserve. Identifying and managing cost management issues can divert man hours and resources away from your customers.  

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With our roots deep in Kent, the Garden of England, it was natural for us to look at how we could support the agricultural sector to reduce their overheads and maximise their profitability.

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Professional Services

Solicitors, accountants and other professional service providers that have grown beyond the single office often benefit from outsourced assistance with procurement.

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Property Management

Utilitas Solutions recognises that property management firms face some unique issues not shared by other business. 

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Private Equity

Utilitas Solutions can help portfolio managers reduce overheads and add value to their portfolio companies. We specialise in outsourced procurement

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