St Albans School

The savings achieved by Utilitas speak for themselves and what I like most about the relationship we have with Eric and the rest of the team is that whilst they are tasked with finding the best savings possible they always ensure that our needs are met... more info >

St Johns School

We've received fantastic results by using Utilitas. I'd like to thank them for their input and results, and for assisting when we've had energy-related issues, including installations, over the last couple of years.... more info >


Like most companies we had thought we had our procurement strategy working well, the level of savings produced just goes to show we are best to focus on what we do best and let the experts find the savings.... more info >

Homewood School

Utilitas have always been on the end of the phone if I have needed any answers. They are very good at running through their quarterly reports with me, and have consistently found us the cheapest supplier.... more info >

The National Autistic Society

We were extremely pleased at the level of detail they went into and the savings they produced. We have now asked them to look into other areas of spend to see what they can find there.... more info >


As a result of our own experience and the savings we have gained, we now happily recommend Utilitas Solutions' services to our clients. ... more info >

Cumnor House School

The savings so far have totalled over £11,000, representing a 19% saving.... more info >

Berry Gardens

the two things I value the most are: the peace of mind in knowing the suppliers selected are good, honest suppliers, and that the prices and invoices are constantly under review... more info >

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Utilitas managed to improve electricity by nearly 20%, Gas by 25% and was able to reduce Kent Invicta’s Waste expenditure by 36%.... more info >

Continental Wood Products

Utilitas helped us streamline invoicing, introduced better suppliers, is always on hand for any supplier invoicing issues, and of course, helped us reduce costs which we thought were quite well managed already... more info >

Bybrook Barn Garden Centre

I have worked with Eric, Steve and the team for 7 years and in that time their approach has always been professional and they have always found savings in each and every area we have asked them to look at... more info >